Coopecan is a cooperative of some 5000 camelid producers distributed throughout four major regions of Peru. This cooperative offers various services to its members, from the improvement of livestock breeding through to the processing of the fiber for marketing.

Its mission is the marketing of alpaca fiber to generate the well-being and sustainable development of its members. The cooperative places honesty, solidarity, commitment and loyalty with its members and partners first and foremost. In 2015, the cooperative was awarded Fair Trade certification by Control Union.

We work with Coopecan to offer you a fine range of 100% baby alpaca yarn of superior quality. Coopecan’s specialty is hand spun yarn created by a remarkable team of ladies with meticulous fingers!

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coopecan-02NATURAL DYES

A beautiful recovery initiative of Andean traditional knowledge was accomplished by a team of motivated Coopecan members: the natural dyes workshop. Also found running the spinning workshop, this team dyes yarns according to ancient recipes composed of plants and insects. Multiple colors are obtained: red, yellow, blue, fuschia… there is an almost boundless colour palette for our experts!

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