Fur-trimmed pompoms

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Product Description

A must on most hats!

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs   100% first quality baby alpaca animal-friendly fur.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs   2 sizes available: small (6 to 8 cm of diameter) and large (10 to 13 cm). Size varies due to differences in hair length.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs   4 strands to tie easily on any accessories or to make a nice key chain.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs  Carefully handcrafted by experienced furriers. Click here to learn more.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs   Consult the tab ”Additional Information”(right) for details of colors.


Note that as these products are handcrafted, each piece is unique. The images are presented as examples only.

Additional information


Natural colors of alpaca, predominantly white, beige and various shades of fawns and browns.