Finger puppets

Product Description

Entertain young and old! Put on the fingers or at the end of a pencil!

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Alpaca shape with or without baby.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      100% first quality alpaca.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Safe for babies and children of all ages because they are 100% knitted without attached parts.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Environmentally friendly: natural color without dye.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Entirely hand made: spindle hand-spun and hand-knitted. Click here for more information about the process and product care.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Proudly produced by the Association of Artisans Arte-Aymara. Click here to learn more about this cooperative.


Note that as these products are handcrafted, each piece is unique. The images are presented as examples only.