Children’s clothing and accessories

Product Description

Wide range of products for babies, children and adolescents available. Most adult accessories are available in children’s sizes.

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Majority of accessories made of double thickness knit thus being reversible to provide 2 styles in 1 product
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      100% first quality alpaca
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Environmentally friendly: natural color without dye
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Entirely hand made: spindle hand-spun and hand-knitted. Click here for more information about the process and product care.
Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs      Proudly produced by the Association of Artisans Arte-Aymara. Click here to learn more about this cooperative.


Note that as these products are handcrafted, each piece is unique. The images are presented as examples only.

Additional information


Babies (0-12 and 12-24 months), Children (3-4 and 5-6 years), Teens (7 years and up) *Approximate ages.


Solid, Striped, Patterned, Tweed, Color scale


All natural colors of alpaca: 22 shades from white to black through various browns and grays. No dye used!