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Arte-Aymara brings together several hundred artisans. It has a cooperative structure, and endeavors to preserve and promote the native Aymara culture in many ways, including the fair trade of handicrafts. The members transform alpaca fibre according to the customs and traditions of their ancestors. Spinning alpaca fibre and hand knitting are an integral part of their daily lives. The vast majority of artisans have their own herd and they do all stages of production from alpaca breeding to the finished product.



Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs  Arte-Aymara comprises 9 communities uniting over 300 artisans;

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs  The Aymara are the second largest indigenous group in Peru;

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs  They live in the large region of Lake Titicaca, at an altitude between 3 800 and 5 500 meters (12 500 to 18 000 feet);

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs  Most people make a living by raising camelids (the group which includes alpacas and llamas) or through subsistence farming;

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs For these Andean communities, working with alpaca fibre is a way of life that must be preserved!

Fuseau-pelote-dessin_xs  The association is mainly composed of women. This group contributes to their emancipation and personal fulfillment while allowing them to contribute to family income.









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